iFOLIO & Equifax


iFOLIO SaaS Platform Innovates Customer Introductions with Equifax


In a world where SaaS, AI, and viewer tracking are changing the way we do business, Hubspot reports 79% of sales professionals using digital/online platforms outsell their peers. Equifax chose iFOLIO SaaS platform to innovate customer connections with digital engagement, AI and analytics.

“I’m armed with a phone book and a phone, and my days are spent in and out of airports, developing new business. I’m meeting new prospects and then trying to locate my business cards. iFOLIO is exactly what I have been looking for. It’s a mental dart for new prospects, and I can send it right from my phone which is always with me.” says Rich Ripley, Vice President of Sales for Equifax.

iFOLIO platform provides customizable landing pages with 150+ options for digital engagement, viewer tracking, analytics, an account media library to maximize marketing ROI with brand approved content, and AI for easier on-boarding.

Today, innovating your approach is critical in a digital world. According to a Microsoft study, word documents get an average 15 seconds viewing time, but iFOLIOs get an average 120+ seconds.

“iFOLIO enables our leaders to digitally showcase the value proposition of our products, while putting a face to the leader representing the brand and enhancing customer connections,” says Lee Goldman Senior Director & Portfolio Marketing Leader, U.S. Commercial Services.

Digital transformation initiatives are a top priority, and IDC reports $2.2 trillion will be spent on these initiatives by the end of 2019.

iFOLIO President Jean Marie Richardson says, “iFOLIO reverses the CRM equation by first equipping a sales professional with digital content to engage customers, then providing the viewer tracking to understand how best to follow-up, all while automating the analytics. We use AI to make the process easier for sales leaders, and our SaaS model ensures they can use any device to connect and engage with customers with marketing approved content.”

In an age of digital transformation, these models are game changers for customers who want to understand more and enterprises that want scaleable solutions.

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