Tech Company Differentiates with

iFOLIO Personalized Digital Marketing for Sales


iFOLIO Helps Tech Company Personalize Digital Marketing for Sales

ATLANTA, GA., April 27, 2022 -- Tocaro Blue, a technology and service company, wanted to stand out to prospects and customers and chose iFOLIO Cloud for sales enablement and marketing. 

Tocaro Blue needed a way to differentiate and break through the noise.  They wanted to reach and engage their audience of tradeshow prospects, referrals, current customers, and large prospects better than competitors in their industry. The technology company turned to iFOLIO for a solution that would make their sales and marketing process more effective.

“iFOLIO delivered an incredible digital tool for us to use and stand out within our industry, and they did so faster & more efficiently than any other vendor we’ve worked with. I cannot recommend iFOLIO enough to anyone looking to take their digital presence to the next level.” -Thomas Patterson CEO, Tocaro Blue

With iFOLIO, Tocaro Blue stands out with personalized digital marketing for sales ~ delivered to mobile! Patented analytics help their team understand buyer interest with heatmaps so they can close more deals. 

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