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A Tech Innovation Journey to Reverse CRM – Jean Marie Richardson

iFOLIO® is a digital engagement platform drives professional relationship development in a uniquely innovative way. iFOLIO Enterprise connects sales and marketing with digital darts to engage customers, unlocks opportunities with viewer analytics, and automates viewer insights and reporting, delivering Reverse CRM™.

Jean Marie Richardson, Founder and CEO, describes the iFOLIO innovation journey that started by connecting with sales users when she was a product manager at Oracle Corporation tasked with innovating CRM (customer relationship management) systems. A sales user shadow project revealed important findings about CRM’s most important user and why they are often at odds with the sales effectiveness tool. Next an incredible journey including an acquisition, a new mobile CRM product, and finally a new company and platform iFOLIO® that reverses the CRM equation by enabling unique customer connections and then automating the reporting.

iFOLIO® delivers the digital edge and can be shared directly from any device to provide a deeper understanding of the person or value proposition, or of the viewer and his or her specific interests.

Leaning in to listening resulted in iFOLIO’s innovation for enterprises today, the only platform that enables leaders to connect and engage customers with private iFOLIOs, unlock opportunities to move business forward with patent pending viewer analytics, and automate the reporting.

iFOLIO®, based in Atlanta, Georgia has a patent pending digital engagement platform with solutions for Enterprises, Education Service Providers, and Sports firms, and thousands of users in 58 countries.


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