iFOLIO Announces

Second Analytics Patent --

Innovating Client Engagement


iFOLIO® Announces Second Analytics Patent -- Innovating
Client Engagement

Core Laboratories (NYSE: CLB), Cadence Bank (NYSE: CADE), FBC Mortgage, and more are live on platform now

ATLANTA, March 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- iFOLIO®, the leader in digital marketing and sales enablement, today announces a second patent on customer engagement analytics.

Companies worldwide are modernizing infrastructure and migrating critical applications to the cloud as these new technologies and advanced analytics enable an increased level of service for their customers.


iFOLIO powers companies to innovate marketing, sales, and service with the beauty of visual storytelling in portfolios and the power of personalized campaigns pushed to mobile. iFOLIOs are business card pages with mobile capabilities & campaigns.

iFOLIO's new patent leads the industry with engagement analytics and heat maps. These analytics power a data-driven understanding of client behaviors and help teams analyze, respond, and optimize both campaigns and follow-ups.

iFOLIO's unique approach to analytics-backed personalization enables teams to connect, engage, and convert their viewer with intelligence about the content viewers engaged with most, block-by-block.

How iFOLIO's Patented Analytics help teams increase effectiveness & efficiency:

Heat Map - analyze viewer interests block by block

Leaderboard - quickly measure campaign performance compared to others

Visits & Seconds of Engagement - prioritize hot prospects by engagement

Video - measure content by total views and how much of the video was viewed

"Bridging sales, marketing, and client service is critical in the modern world. A data-driven approach is essential for companies today. I'm delighted that iFOLIO's industry leading analytics and cloud technology is transforming client engagement and making work easier," says Jean Marie Richardson, President and CEO, iFOLIO.

About iFOLIO:

iFOLIO, the leader in marketing cloud software, empowers companies and organizations of all sizes and industries to digitally transform their customer engagement with a flexible cloud platform and patented analytics. iFOLIO powers customers and their usage in all 50 states and 100 countries. iFOLIO is SOC2 certified and based in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Learn more: https://ifolio.cloud/home

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