Law Firm Triples Customer Base

with Digital Engagement


Law Firm Triples Customer Base with Digital Engagement

With iFOLIO cloud platform, an Atlanta Based Law Firm landed a RFP with a national bank brand, doubled their mid-market customer number, had 12,000 contracts signed, and increased revenue 200%.

“iFOLIO’s platform has allowed me to scale my law practice so I can maintain my quality of service while tripling my client base. They are constantly coming out with new features so I can focus on my law practice with confidence that I have the latest and greatest technology helping me provide quality service to my client,” - Attorney at HLR Law

HLR Law uses iFOLIO across all stages of business to connect, engage, and then convert their target audience into clients.

During peak tax season, it is essential for HLR law to stand out from competition with a strong digital presence that is informative, and still provides a welcoming customer experience to win new business.

With iFOLIO’s Custom URLs, HLR Law uses the platform for highly targeted and personalized digital landing pages, replacing websites, while still optimizing SEO on internet searches.

Once the client is engaged, HLR Law sends personalized iFOLIO digital portfolios via SMS and Email for meeting reminders and follow-ups.

Lastly, HLR Law closes the deal with iFOLIO. iFOLIOs are secure and can be password protected. With security at the forefront, and iFOLIO’s DocuSign embed, HLR Law sends contracts right from the platform.

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