Insurance Innovates Digital Engagement and

Generates New Business with iFOLIO


Insurance Innovates Digital Engagement and Generates New Business with iFOLIO

ATLANTA, GA., June 30, 2021 -- Williston Financial Group was tasked with the challenge of how to effectively stand out and be remembered with all the noise in the market.


The national title insurance company said goodbye to static PDFs - creating customizable iFOLIO digital business cards with engaging videos, content, and personalized contact cards for their buyers and partners.

The iFOLIO digital business cards are shared before or after a meeting via SMS and Email, keeping their audience engaged throughout the sales process.

“The ability to text someone right after a meeting with a custom message and a visual has been a unique, eye-catching way to stand out in a crowded marketplace, “ says Greg Klosterman, VP National Sales, WFG Enterprise Solutions

iFOLIO’s flexible platform enables marketing to update sites & presentations with the brand’s most up-to-date content.   Meanwhile the sales team can be on the frontlines powering forward, confident that they are sharing the most relevant, timely information.

“Our iFOLIO presentations have opened the door to new business opportunities and allow us to easily stand out in a crowded marketplace. Marketing is able to easily give sales the latest and greatest content to put in front of the right people at the right time,” says Darcy Patch, Vice President of Marketing at WEST, a Williston Financial Group.

Patented analytics help the sales and marketing teams optimize their client outcomes, shorten their sales cycles, and know which content is resonating with who.

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