Hurricane Sally Aid Provided through

iFOLIO Campaign


Hurricane Sally Aid Provided to Residents in iFOLIO Campaign to Mobile


October 1st, 2020 -- Hurricane Sally was supposed to be a mild storm, but hit the Florida gulf coast with a fury on September 16th with 105 MPH winds & 30 Inches of Rain.

After the storm, thousands were without power for days and 377 people had to be rescued from floods. Residents could not connect to WiFi or turn on the TV to find storm aid resources. But 96% of Americans have a mobile phone.

The iFOLIO digital campaign was pushed to the mobile phones of 25,000 gulf coast residents providing an personalized message and a portfolio link with aid resources. The aid resources included where to get water crates, hot meals, and access to immediate support, along with an encouraging message.

Now, Floridians in need had easy access to relief—delivered right to their fingertips on mobile.

Post campaign, the iFOLIO analytics show:

  •  15,400 text messages were seen.

  •  1,651 iFOLIO Links Viewed (67% on mobile)

  •  Average iFOLIO View Time: 17+ minutes

  •  86 Clicks on Hurricane Aid Resources like Find a Pantry

  •  4 Clicks to Donate to Aid Resources to Help Others in Need

We are happy to help organizations connect and engage people with the resources they need!

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