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How To Make Work Easier for Sales Enablement with iFOLIO Cloud + HubSpot Integration


Now businesses can use a single platform to spend more time talking with clients, and less time reporting.  iFOLIO Cloud platform has just made Out of the box integrations to Hubspot available to automatically populate lead and prospecting data back into HubSpot.

With iFOLIO’s Reverse CRM® Feature and HubSpot's BCC address ~ you can automatically log your iFOLIO shares, visual emails and visual text messages, back into your HubSpot CRM. Contact information such as name, company, phone number, email address, and any links or attachments will be included in the log inside of HubSpot.

How to use iFOLIO Reverse CRM® & HubSpot BCC to Make Work Easier

When you open your iFOLIO share dashboard, the BCC Address can be saved and held in your account. Here's how to get that set up:

Retrieving your BCC from HubSpot:

Step 1~ In your HubSpot account, click the settings icon.

Step 2 ~ In the left sidebar menu, navigate to the Objects & Activities

Step 3 ~ Click the Email Logging Tab

Step 4 ~ To the right of the BCC Address field, click COPY

Adding your BCC to iFOLIO:

Step 1~ Navigate to the share dashboard for any of your iFOLIOs

Step 2 ~ At the bottom of the share dashboard, find the BCC field in the bottom right corner

Step 3 ~ PASTE the BCC Address from Hubspot into the BCC field

Step 4 ~ Send a test share to yourself or a friend!

Step 5 ~ Close out of the share dashboard and open it back up. Your address should be held in the BCC field and ready to help you make work easier!

Now it's time to MAKE WORK EASIER!

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