Georgia Tech Swim Personalizes Recruiting

with Digital + Text Message

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Jacket Swim Team Gets an Edge on 1st Day of NCAA Recruiting

Personalized Text Messages + Portfolios Engage Hundreds of Top Recruits Worldwide


“Our staff is extremely excited about teaming with iFOLIO to take our recruiting efforts to the next level!” - Courtney Hart, Georgia Tech Swim & Dive Coach

Top high school swim and dive athletes have hundreds of programs to choose from as they look to attend a college program that fits their needs - from academics, to athletics, to location, and more.

Georgia Tech Swim & Dive recruits globally, with a goal of having one of best recruiting classes in the NCAA. Knowing high schoolers around the world are mobile phone oriented, the Yellow Jackets coaching staff used iFOLIO to send digital recruiting campaigns via text message to stand out.

The campaigns were delivered to athletes over the world, and showcased the Georgia Tech experience in a personalized way. The message included a personalized note from the head coach. Inside the digital portfolio was engaging info, videos, and digital content about life at Georgia Tech as a student-athlete. The iFOLIO Campaign saw outstanding responses from the recruits:


Hi Coach Courtney,

Thank you for the link- the video was great! I would love to set up a call with you and learn more about the program at Georgia Tech!

Thank you so much for the update Coach Hart! I will check the call schedule.



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